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Our San Diego pool repair services and hot tub repair will you protect your investments. We have the experience and expertise to help handle everything from repairs, new installs, construction, replacement, maintenance and more. Whether you need a one-time fix, regular maintenance and checkups, or even the construction of a brand new pool, our San Diego pool service is prepared to handle your needs.

While pools and hot tubs are often a good investment, they come with their headaches and responsibilities. The lack of proper maintenance and timely repairs can lead to costly issues that are unnecessary. We specialize in identifying issues while they’re small to help you avoid big expenses down the road. And of course, the best way to avoid even the small issues is to perform regular maintenance and inspection. If you’re looking for San Diego pool repair services and maintenance providers, Cherry Pool Services is the company you can rely on.


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Pool Repair Services

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We are a full pool service and repair company that works out of San Diego County. If you have any questions or need help, we will be there.

About Our Pool Service

Cherry Pool Services was founded and is currently owned by Glenn Cherry. Since 2003, Cherry Pool Services has continued to steadily grow into a solid company based on the values and mission statement instilled by Glenn to every employee, contractor and vendor. His dream of establishing a company that outpaces the competition by providing a personal touch and great service has been realized.

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The best pool service San Diego has to offer

“When we called Glenn, our pool heater was not working and we were having family in for Thanksgiving. Glenn came out and was able to fix the heater even though he said it will need to be replaced. We are writing this because a year later, we had Glenn install a new Raypak pool heater and it’s been great. Thanks for your advise and great service. Glenn provides the best pool service San Diego has to offer.”

Piatullo, L | Carlsbad, CA, 92008

The Pool Service San Diego Trusts

The best pool service San Diego has to offer is Cherry Pool Services. We offer everything from pool maintenance and repairs to new pool design and construction, hot tub replacement and installation, pool renovations, and more. And when it comes to our pool maintenance services, no one has an eye for detail like us. Other pool service companies will often just clean your pool and check PH levels – this is the bare minimum. At Cherry Pool Services, we go beyond the looks of your pool and dive into your pool’s health. We regularly inspect the various components and known trouble areas of the pools and hot tubs we service. Leaks, faulty drainage, and pool pump malfunctions are just a couple seemingly small issues that can lead to big problems later.

Any pool can face expensive issues only a couple years after construction if proper care and maintenance is lasting. On the other hand, a pool or hot tub with regular servicing can last for decades. We understand you probably don’t have the time to address every little leak, faulty drainage, a weird pool pump noise, or other issues. When it comes to the pool service San Diego trusts, they choose Cherry Pool Services.

Let us help you avoid common problems that most pool owners face. Our quick and reliable pool services and maintenance allow you to extend the life expectancy of your pool, so you and your family can enjoy it more for decades to come. Cherry Pool Services will take care of all your San Diego pool repair services needs.

Hot Tub Repair San Diego Families Trust

The hot tub repair San Diego families trust is Cherry Pool Services. Hot tub materials are bound to wear and tear over time. Repairing or replacing these items regularly before there’s a total breakdown can save you thousands of dollars. We offer the best and most reliable pool and hot tub repair San Diego has to offer. With help from our expert San Diego pool repair services, we can keep your pools and hot tubs running properly and safely for the long haul.

The Spa and Hot Tub Repair San Diego Businesses Rely on

The hot tub repair San Diego businesses rely on is Cherry Pool Services. Whether you’re hot tub is inside with moisture concerns or outside with the ocean air and elements, we understand hot tubs inside and out. In to repair, we offer specialized cleaning and hot tub maintenance services based on the particular frequency and use. Whether you’re a hotel, spa, gym or recreational center, we can provide the necessary maintenance and cleaning to help you extend the life of your investments and keep them running regularly. And if your hot tub does experience an issue, our team has the years of experience to provide a proper diagnosis and fix. When it comes to hot tub repair in San Diego, business choose Cherry Pool Services.

Pool Heater Repair Service

The pool heater repair service San Diego residents and businesses trust is Cherry Pool Services. We’ll get you back up and running quickly. Whether it’s a quick fix or a full replacement, we can help. The majority of stress on a pool heater doesn’t often come from the pool itself – it’s typically due to an attached hot tub or jacuzzi that requires quick temperature changes at a moments notice. Due to this demand, small things like filters, sediment traps, or even grounding can cause an issue. And if you’re facing consistent issues, it’s often due to the age or even the size of the unit. When pools are constructed, contractors will typically opt for a smaller pool heater if it meets minimum requirements. As the unit ages, it’s original ability to barely meet the minimum demands starts to deteriorate. Whether you just need a quick fix or a full pool heater replacement, we can help with everything from repairs to new installs. Let our professional and experienced pool heater repair service find the fix that works for you.

The Pool Service San Diego Counts On

We are the pool service San Diego counts on for ongoing pool maintenance, repairs, new installs, construction, and replacement. Because our experience spans the whole life span of a pool from birth to beyond, we have a unique understanding of each phase that your pool and hot tub goes through in its life cycle. We know what common problems to look out for at various stages in addition to the maintenance that’s required to prevent some of the bigger inevitable issues. We want your pool and hot tub to last for decades of hassle-free, family fun. We specialize in everything from guarding against the most common problems to fixing the most unique pool and hot tub issues. Below are just some of the reliable pool services we offer:

San Diego Pool Repair Services

Our Carmel Valley pool service has expanded to proudly serve all of San Diego. Families and businesses alike have noticed that we go the extra mile. We don’t just clean the service and test PH levels, we examine your pool for microbes, leaks, components under stress, drainage issues, filter problems, and more. Whether you need pool heater repair services, pool joint separation repairs, a filter system fix, we can handle it all. Our San Diego pool repair services have you covered from repair to replacement in addition to ongoing maintenance.

If you’re looking to avoid repairs, the best preventive method is regular maintenance. We recommend our weekly pool maintenance service packages that include a thorough cleansing of your swimming pool. We include full chemical testing along with general and in-depth inspections of all your pool equipment and hot tub components. Whether it’s your pool’s floor, walls, pumps, or the deck, joints, and seals, we can help you fix small problems before they turn into costly big problems. Get the best pool repair service San Diego has and keep your pool in cherry condition with Cherry Pool Services.

Pool Algae Cleaning

It’s easy to neglect your pool in the winter months when family demand is low. Come Spring though, many homeowners find themselves with a costly mess on their hands. If your pool appears to be a different color or even various colors, you probably have an algae problem. While algae thrives well in warmer places, it can thrive even in the winter in places like San Diego. Worse, algae can potentially harm anyone’s health. If you see clusters of algae and plant-like matter forming on your pool, you must address them as soon as possible.

Cherry Pool Services has the expertise in effectively eliminating algae from your swimming pool or hot tub. Aside from physically removing the appearance of it, we remove the nutrients, spores and other elements needed for it to return. In addition to removing it, we can also help you prevent it. Based on your surrounding landscape and other natural conditions, a simple and specific vinyl cover may provide the bulk of your algae defense. We can also provide water treatments that will prevent such algae from forming.

Pool Acid Wash

A pool is susceptible to all kinds of destructive and deteriorating elements on a constant basis. If you’re seeing stains, or even a “black lagoon-type” appearance that chemical and cleaning aren’t able to remove, a pool acid is likely appropriate. While the visual aesthetics are displeasing, the physical affects can actually shorten your pools overall lifespan and lead to big issues. A pool acid wash can prevent these bigger issues. Similar to refinishing your hardwood floors, a pool acid wash starts with the stripping of a small layer of plaster to expose fresh plaster beneath. We do this after draining the pool and removing all negative and deteriorating elements. Starting with a fresh and clean protective coat now will save you an expensive renovation later. Cherry Pool Services can remove such stains and provide a pool acid wash in an exceptionally safe manner at a reasonable price.

Pool Drain and Restarts

Alongside regular maintenance of your pool’s surface, it’s also important to check your pool drain to know if it needs a restart. Depending on the water chemistry of your pool, every pool drain or restart needs to be checked and treated differently. We thoroughly diagnose the cause of such drain issues and deal with each one appropriately.

At Cherry Pool Services, we’ve spent years honing our expertise in identifying various pool needs and treatments. We strongly suggest cost-effective treatments and affordable maintenance that will keep your swimming pool drain and all it’s water systems functioning well for the long-term.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool filter cleaning is more important than you think. Keeping you pool, the heater, pumps, and filters all starts with the water that is running through it. Regular water is filled with an array contaminants in addition to leaves, bugs, and other elements that can create big headaches if not addressed. That is why it is best to use pool filters that clear out your pool water from these harmful chemicals and contaminants that can harm your skin and eyes, or even degrade you pool pump and other components.

Our San Diego pool repair services include cleaning your swimming pool water filters among other maintenance tasks such as overall system and component checks. You can rest assured that your pool water will be clean and that your system is processing the best water possible. Also, regular pool filter cleaning will save you the cost of buying a new pool filters or dealing with the issues created by degraded and malfunctioning filters.

Spa and Hot Tub Drain Cleaning

Aside from quality pool heater repair service, we also offer specialized spa and hot tub drain cleaning services. Our goal is to keep your hot tub functioning as good as new while preventing all the microbes and contaminants that may clog up your drain.

Pool Orientations and Inspections

Thinking about installing pool or buying a house that has one? It’s an exciting prospect, but the maintenance can be a little much for some people to perform regularly on their own. If you don’t know a thing about maintaining your pool, that’s okay – but start educating yourself sooner than later. Being more prepared and knowledgeable about maintaining your pool allows you to enjoy it for much longer. In addition to understanding how to perform pool maintenance yourself, you’ll be in a better position to understand what’s involved if you’re thinking about hiring various San Diego Pool Services.

We offer pool orientations that contain a brief overview of the pool inspection process. As the best pool service San Diego has, we look forward to educating people on pool care whether they’re doing it themselves or simply looking to better understand what to look for when hiring San Diego pool companies.

Expansion Joint and Deck Seal

Pools have distinct rubbery or plastic-like material around the lining of the swimming pool. It is the expansion joint, and it serves as a buffer between your pool deck and the swimming pool surface. It is an elastic material that can expand on itself accordingly depending on the temperature. However, this elastic material can wear out over time.

We at Cherry Pool Services can help reseal these expansion joints to keep your pool looking as good as new while prevent leaks or surface damage. Expansion joint removal and replacement services are conducted every one to five years depending your properties local factors (e.g. tree roots, temperature changes, etc).

About Cherry Pool Services

Cherry Pool Services is not like the other San Diego pool repair services. Here, we know that a good working relationship with our clients is also based on establishing a trustworthy and reputable name. Thus, we would also like our customers to know more about us and our Carmel Valley pool service that is rapidly expanding to serve all of San Diego. We invite you to give us a call or contact us for a free inspection of your pool. We’re professional, friendly, and easy to work with. Give us a call today at 858-999-1004

Reliable and Affordable Pool Services Since 2003

Our Carmel Valley pool service began in 2003. For more than 16 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality pool heater repair service and hot tub repair San Diego. We’ve since expanded into new installs, pool renovations, and other services. We’ve also expanded our coverage area to all of San Diego. Our very own Glenn Cherry was in the industry for almost a decade before starting his own pool services company. Among all the San Diego pool companies, Glenn has spent almost two decades building Cherry Pool Services into one of the most trusted providers in the area.

From humble beginnings – Carmel Valley Pool Service to almost all of San Diego

Glenn Cherry started in pool services industry while he was still in high school working part-time for a San Diego pool cleaning company. When he started college in 2000, he helped his friend with his pool servicing business. The years of experience finally inspired him to take the leap and establish his own company, Cherry Pool Services. The company continues to grow as one of the best pool service San Diego has to offer.

Company values under the Cherry Pool Services name

The company would not have made it this far if clients didn’t acknowledge it as a trustworthy and respectable name in the industry. We commit to providing quality San Diego pool repair services with a personal touch. We stand by our mission and vision in each project and pool cleaning service we provide. We treat each client as if their family and handle each pool as if it were our own.

A company dedicated to service

The amount of time and knowledge Glenn Cherry has dedicated to pool services comes with passion and yearning to provide quality care to pools and hot tubs all over San Diego. Being an outdoorsman and adventurous person, he was able to create a company that focuses on improving the pools and hot tubs in every backyard so families can maximize their time outside with each other.

The Carmel Valley Pool Service that You Can Trust

Cherry Pool Services is one of the leading reputable names among the different pool heater repair service providers, hot tub repair service San Diego companies, and other pool cleaning businesses around. Hundreds of customers over the years have chosen us because we are dedicated to:

Fast Pool Services Right Away

Whether it is a simple pool cleaning or a major repair service, we know that the time of our customers is precious. We get to the job on time, as fast as possible, and get started on the necessary tasks right away. Our expert cleaners and repairmen are just one call away for your pool needs.

Best Quality Carmel Pool Service

Fast work should also be quality work. Despite the minimal amount of time we need on the job, we work on every detail carefully to produce excellent results. The expert skills our staff have honed over the years results in the best quality pool services in San Diego.

Expert and Skilled Professionals

To produce the best quality work, we only hire professionals with a high skill standards. Whether it’s new pool construction, hot tub replacement, or repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, our staff is prepared to handle your needs. And not only is our staff prepared, we listen very carefully to the needs of every client. No pool, house, family or business is the same. We strive to provide a service that fits you and your needs. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list.

Customer Satisfaction at the end of every job

Our work is not complete until our customers are satisfied with our pool cleaning or hot tub repair. San Diego has many pools and hot tubs in every backyard, and each one that Cherry Pool Services services is treated with the utmost care and attention.

Affordable Pool Service Rates

We offer affordable pool service rates. With our goal of providing quality care to San Diego pools, we also work hard to make our services affordable to reach as many families or businesses in need of help. Quality care does not have to come with a high price tag, and we make sure that our clients get the quality services they pay for at a fair price.

Residential & commercial pool services

Whether it’s your family or your business, we can help. We have experience with pools and hot tubs of all sizes with a wide array of uses and obstacles. If you’re looking to protect your investment for the long run, Cherry Pool Services is prepared to service, maintain, repair, and replace any pool, hot tub, or component you might need.

Our Location & Service Areas

We offer San Diego and Carmel Valley Pool Service options that range from new construction to maintenance. From pool cleaning to hot tub repair services and our pool heater repair service, we have you covered. We provide pool services all over San Diego and Carmel Valley, including:

  • San Diego
  • Carmel Valley
  • Del Mar
  • Pacific Highlands Ranch
  • Del Mar Heights
  • North City
  • Torrey Highlands
  • Torrey Pines
  • Fairbanks Ranch
  • Sorrento Valley
  • Solana Beach
  • Rancho Penasquitos
  • Rancho Santa Fe
  • Mira Mesa
  • Encinitas
  • Clairemont
  • Pacific Beach
  • Rancho Bernardo
  • Poway
  • La Jolla
  • Scripps Ranch
  • Ocean Beach
  • Escondido
  • Carlsbad
  • Point Loma
  • San Marcos
  • And more!

Let us know your pool location in or near San Diego, and we can help you with your pool service needs. Our pool services in Carmel Valley have expanded so don’t be a stranger – contact us today!

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