Cherry Pool Services was founded and is currently owned by Glenn Cherry. Born in Canada in 1982, he moved to the United States at age two and spent his childhood in the Orange County area. After moving to San Diego, he fell in love with the beautiful weather.

As a 2000 graduate of Mission Viejo High School, Glenn was very active in school activities and enjoyed the physical aspects even more than the academic life. He was on the varsity golf team for three years and worked part time in the pool cleaning servicing business. After graduation, he became a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) while at college. Throughout this time he was still helping his friend in the pool servicing business to maintain a steady income.

After working with his friend for about four years, Glenn realized that he was less interested in college and the corporate world and more interested in working with his hands and enjoying a physical trade. The time he spent in the industry helping a friend with his pool servicing business gave Glenn the experience he needed to fulfill his desire of starting his very own pool servicing company.

Since 2003, Cherry Pool Services has continued to steadily grow into a solid company based on the values and mission statement instilled by Glenn to every employee, contractor and vendor. His dream of establishing a company that outpaces the competition by providing a personal touch and great service has been realized. The reasonable prices and accurate estimates give customers a sense of confidence and assurance when doing business with the company. When asked what he loves best about the business, Glenn is torn between several benefits of being his own boss. He loves meeting new people and having the opportunity to meet their needs. His love of learning and understanding how things work means he never loses passion to grow and expand his knowledge base and keep up with current and future industry trends to increase the potential services his company can offer.

An eternal outdoorsman, Glenn loves to spend time with his favorite hobbies that let him relax in the midst of nature. He may be found playing hockey or snowboarding, but when the cold activities are over he is just as comfortable surfing with friends and just spending time at the beach. As with most outdoor lovers, Glenn is very health conscious and is diligent about his physical fitness routines. He enjoys camping and freshwater fishing as a way to connect with nature and unwind after a hard week of physical labor. He also loves traveling and wants to learn about and experience first hand the cultures of the world around him.

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