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The Hot Tub Repair San Diego relies on is Cherry Pool Services. We provide all types of hot tub repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and general services for both above and in-ground hot tubs and spas. With decades of experience, you can trust that we’ll get the job done right.
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We have a large inground hot tub needing repairs because it had had a bunch of issues when we bought the home. We needed to have a lot of the equiment replaced and the spa was filthy. By the time Glenn was done, it was clean and everything now runs great. We appreciate it!

– Ngyuen, J | Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92067

Hot Tub Repair | San Diego
Inground And Above Ground

The hot tub repair San Diego has come to trust and rely on is Cherry Pool Services. From time to time, spas and hot tubs need repairs throughout San Diego County. Some common issues include minor repairs such as filter replacements up to larger repairs such as plumbing problems, especially around the jets or water lines that tend to develop leaks over time. Other spa and hot tub equipment such as filter pumps, booster pumps, and blower pumps may also need to be repaired or replaced. Likewise, the spa heating element can fail to perform after years of use and will need to be replaced. Any of these problems can potentially result from poor chemistry due to poor maintenance services. These and other spa functionality issues may be due to age. Regardless of the cause contact Cherry Pool Services to take care of your spa and hot tub repairs.

Hot Tub Cleaning Services & Maintenance

Pool cleaning throughout San Diego County should be performed regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria or debris that can damage the pool floor, walls and filter systems. Our weekly pool maintenance service packages include a thorough swimming pool cleaning, in depth chemistry testing and routine general inspection of the pool equipment. This standard pool cleaning service along with our other services will ensure that owners get the most value and enjoyment from their swimming pool.

Hot Tub Drain & Cleans

Spas and hot tubs generally need to be drained and cleaned every few months. This spa service is required because a small amount of water kept at high temperatures will change the water chemistry very quickly. Even with regular spa cleaning, it is not possible to keep the water clear and at optimal freshness. Natural oils and dirt buildup occur over time and require a spa drain and restart in order to bring back the best spa water conditions, often within the same business day.

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Pool cleaning throughout San Diego County should be performed regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria or debris that


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