Pool Equipment Installation, Replacement & Upgrades

Although swimming pools are a great asset, especially in the San Diego County area, they can begin to malfunction and breakdown after years of consistent use. Even after a series of costly repairs, most swimming pools do not operate as they did when they were new. Sometimes the best option is to replace old worn out pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, heaters, pool lights, timers, and pool cleaners. Cherry Pool Services can handle all types of replacement and new installation projects. We can even install a complete pool automation system and upgrade your current lighting to LED lighting. This ensures that new pool equipment is both convenient and energy efficient, which makes a big difference to high utility costs.

We can replace your old pool equipment:
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Swimming pool filters (cartridge filters, D.E. filters and sand filters)
  • Automated pool control systems
  • Salt chlorinator systems
  • Valves and actuators
  • Swimming pool and spa lights (upgrade to LEDs)
  • Swimming pool vacuums
New Pool Equipment Installations

Cherry Pool Services is the premier equipment installer for San Diego homeowners with swimming pools. Using reputable brands like Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac (Jandy), and Sta Rite ensures that our customers are able to showcase and enjoy their swimming pool or spa. The innovative and dependable technology of automated systems make owning pools and spas more convenient, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly. Carefree and easy to use cartridge filters, smart pumps, and remote control units lower the overall operating cost and time associated with regular pool maintenance. Whether pool owners are looking to repair or replace anything from pumps and heaters to salt generators and pool vacs, the knowledgeable professionals at Cherry Pool Services can offer the most appropriate solution for your specific pool needs or issues

Pool Equipment Replacements We Perform For San Diego Residents
Pool Equipment Sets

Full or combination equipment upgrades including a new pad will improve the swimming pool circulation, filtration, and heating systems. The high performance equipment sets also increases the energy efficiency of these swimming pool systems. Often installing multiple pool equipment products at the same time also lengthens the manufacturer’s warranties for those products.

Pool Pumps

Energy efficient pump upgrades and variable speed pumps are a great way to reduce the energy useage of your swimming pool. Installing an automated controller attaching the smart pump to an existing will increase efficiency and lower monthly utility costs.

Pool Filters

Modern filtration units like quad D.E. filters and cartridge filters keep the water crystal clear and dirt free. Upgrading the filter system can also increase the overall energy efficiency of the pool system and ensures ongoing effective filtration.

Pool Heaters

Choosing the correct heater style and size to match the size and usage of your swimming pool or spa is essential when installing a new pool heater. Replacing an aging and possibly faulty heater ensures warm water when you want it while saving you money on heating costs.

Pool Automation

Automated timers and controllers are an efficient and convenient way to operate swimming pool equipment. Everything from filtration pumps to lighting systems can be added to an automated controller easing the use of the various pool equipment with control at the push of a button.

Pool Saltwater Systems

Saltwater systems are increasing in popularity and can be added to most swimming pool equipment sets. They offer the convenience of constantly sanitizing the pool while decreasing the need to wait before swimming, enhancing the swimming pool experience.

Pool Vacuums

Pool vacuums or cleaners keep swimming pools surfaces clean, well maintained and inviting. Replacing a worn out and failing cleaner or installing a new pool vac ensures that your San Diego swimming pool is free of debris and ready to enjoy.

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