Expert Pool Automation Installation & Repairs

If you’re looking for expert pool automation installation and repairs, you’ve come to the right place. Cherry Pool Services has decades of experience when it comes to automating your pool and making your life easier.

Swimming pool automation helps owners minimize the work of pool maintenance and maximize the enjoyment of owning a swimming pool in San Diego County. Cherry Pool Services offers a variety of pool automation features as well as troubleshooting, repair, installation, and other pool services for homeowners throughout the San Diego area. New technologies make it possible to add a pool controller so that swimming pools and spas can correctly filter, calibrate flow, and clean debris without the aid of consistent manual support. This convenience makes it possible for a pool pump and a pool controller to be wireless controlled via remote control or compatible mobile electronic devices.

Upgrading Current San Diego Pool Controls

Existing customers and pool owners who want to take advantage of a more modern pool automation system can easily request a new pool equipment installation. In a short time they can begin saving money on utility expenses while enjoying the convenience of a new pool controller that can be operated with a simple touch of a button.

Aside from the opportunity to save money and eliminate energy waste, upgrading swimming pool automation features makes any pool or spa more user friendly. A remote control option is much easier and safer than manually turning valves to start a spa moving and then waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature. The installation can even be extended to turn on any accessory pumps such as waterfalls, fountains, and booster pumps. Upgrades to existing pool or spa automation services can even incorporate outside lighting to fully enhance the backyard experience.

New Pool Automation Installation

Because of the complex electrical and technological components involved, new pool equipment installation should only be performed by a licensed professional with pool automation installation experience. Mistakes during the installation, repair, or maintenance process could be costly and potentially dangerous. In addition, if a swimming pool automation is not properly installed or connected to other relevant equipment, the original product warranty may become void as well as the warranties of the connected equipment. Cherry Pool Services ensures that all installations and other pool services are performed according to the recommended manufacturer specifications.

Timing Your Automation Upgrade

Automation can be added or upgraded at almost any time, and can easily be added to other services such as pool heater installation, salt water system installation or other pool equipment installations. Many San Diego homeowners choose to have pool renovations performed when the equipment will not be in use, such as during a pool drain and restart. If there is a known problem or concern that requires troubleshooting and repair, simultaneous upgrades performed may save time and resources. Depending on the specific system being installed, the upgrade process may take anywhere between a few hours for minimalistic systems and a few days for more intricate and sophisticated automation systems.

Swimming Pool Automation Repairs

Cherry Pool Services has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose a problem and perform necessary repairs to San Diego pool automation systems. From a basic stand alone spa to a pool and spa combo with multiple water features, we guarantee customer satisfaction on all controller repairs. We pride ourselves on workmanship and the ability to proactively remain current with all relevant industry technology, innovations, and updates. Although they are convenient and timesaving, dual pool and spa automation and single swimming pool automation features are not completely faultless and may require repairs. The average time required to troubleshoot and repair automation systems is between one and three hours.

Automation And Controller Options

San Diego pool owners have many types of pool automation systems to choose from, and Cherry Pool Services offers many different reputable brands, depending on the needs, desires, and budget of each specific customer. After meeting with the homeowner and assessing the situation, a representative will make suggestions of products and brands based on individual criteria. Some of the most common swimming pool automation brand choices include: Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac (previously Jandy), and Intermatic.

Swimming pool automation systems coordinate the pool pump or variable speed pump, spa booster/jet pump, spa blower, pool lights, spa lights, temperature control, and vacuum timer. Advanced pool automation options are also compatible with salt water systems. They can be programmed to include outside lights in one system so that all these features can controlled with the touch of a button. The wall mounted indoor control or wireless indoor control can be linked up with iPhones, Android tablets, laptops, and desktop computers for easy programming. Depending on the system chosen, homeowners can control additional landscape lighting, irrigation systems, automated pool covers, and many other custom features with their pool automation controller. For added convenience, many systems can be tied into an existing home security system.

Learn More About Pool Automation

Cherry Pool Services offers troubleshooting, repair and installation services for swimming pool automation to all residents in San Diego. Along with pool heater, pump, filter and spa services, we offer various automated control systems and help homeowners program and operate their swimming pool automation system. Make the backyard experience a truly enjoyable one. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a thorough consultation today. One of our pool professionals will help you choose the best automation system for your swimming pool.

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