Swimming pools are one of the most common and frequently used home accessories in San Diego. The swimming pools filtration system is responsible for capturing small debris and keeping the water clean and clear. Pool filters require regular maintenance such as routine cleanings. Sometimes they will need to be repaired and eventually even replaced.

Cherry Pool Services is based in North County and proudly serves San Diego residents. Our filter services include swimming pool filter cleaning, swimming pool filter repairs, and swimming pool filter replacement. When needed, our expert technicians will accurately assess and diagnose the pool filter system to determine the best course whether repair or replacement. The overall goal is to complete every swimming pool filter cleaning service, filter repair, and new filter installation as quickly and affordably as possible.

Pool Filter Repairs Done Right The First Time

San Diego County boasts a wide variety of swimming pool filters, such as diatomaceous earth or D.E. filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. Regardless of the type, when the pool filter is leaking water, has high pressure or the pool vacuum or pool heater has stopped working, contact Cherry Pool Services. After a thorough assessment, we quickly and accurately diagnose the problem with a swimming pool filter and make the determination on the best options for cleaning, repairing, or replacing faulty parts.

The Right Filter Repair for the Right Price

The starting point to determine if an existing filter can be repaired or if a new filter installation is required is an evaluation. During this troubleshooting phase of the swimming pool filter, our experts can pinpoint the problem and suggest a potential solution. For example, if the swimming pool filter is leaking but the filter casing is intact, some minor replacement parts and a few hours of labor will have the complete system back in operation.

Replacing leaky or broken filter parts such as lid or top o-rings, push/pull backwash valves and multi-port backwash valves, can help with the performance of a swimming pool filter. Miscellaneous minor repairs and replacements also include filter gauges and air relief valves. The internal workings of the filter may occasionally need to be replaced as well. For example a full set of grids for D.E. filters, cartridge replacements for various cartridge filters, and sand with lateral replacements for sand filters. Remember, small issues can quickly turn into larger filter problems, so calling a pool professional at the first sign of a problem is important.

Help Avoid Filter Repairs with Routine Filter Cleanings

Swimming pool filters require regular cleaning maintenance, whether they contain filter cartridges or D.E. grids. If this routine task is not scheduled and completed regularly, the filtration system could become clogged and unable to properly filter the pool water. After some time, the buildup of pressure in the filter system can not only cause damage to the filter, but also to the pool pump and pool heater as well. Keeping up with this relatively small task of cleaning the filter on a regular basis will help avoid murky pool water and costly repairs.

Your San Diego Pool Filter Installation Expert

Sometimes repairing a malfunctioning filter only provides a temporary solution and can become quite costly when performed repeatedly. A new filter may be required for a long term cure and to ensure the filter system is operating properly. Pool owners in the San Diego area who are currently using a stainless steel filter and are installing a salt system, need to replace their broken filter or want to upgrade the pool filtration system should contact Cherry Pool Services for a filter replacement consultation and estimate.

Filter Installations on Time and on Budget

Cherry Pool Services specializes in swimming pool filter installations throughout the San Diego area and provides a wide variety of repair and installation projects for all types of filter systems. Whenever possible our experts will repair the existing residential swimming pool filter to correct a problem. Sometimes only a new swimming pool filter or inground spa filter will solve a malfunctioning unit or correspond with other new equipment installations. Our professionals are able to handle these pool jobs as well.

Common Filter Types Available to San Diego Homeowners

Whether a swimming pool filter is repairable or completely inoperable, there are several repair and replacement options available for pool owners. Swimming pool filter installations can be suggested to fit every budget and pool style. Cherry Pool Services uses only the top performing brands when replacing swimming pool filters. Some of the most reputable brands of pool filters we use include: Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward, and Jandy. We offer a variety of swimming pool filter types, including D.E. filters, quad D.E. filters, cartridge filters, and even sand filters when applicable.

Give Cherry Pool Services a Call!

Cherry Pool Services is dedicated to providing all types of preventative maintenance including weekly service to extend the longevity of a pool filter. Whether you want to establish a regular pool maintenance schedule, need to have a swimming pool problem addressed, or simply want to inquire about our new equipment installation services, we can help! Contact Cherry Pool Services today.

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