Swimming pools are one of the most beneficial features of homes in San Diego County and should be available for use by homeowners, their family and their guests. Cherry Pool Services can keep pools running by performing routine maintenance as well as swimming pool pump repair or when needed, total pump replacement.

The swimming pool pump is essentially the motor of the pool and operates by circulating water through the filtration system to remove debris and circulate sanitizing chemicals such as saltwater systems that keep water clean and free of algae. Pump repair service is occasionally needed when they become clogged with debris or eventually wear out with normal use.

Recognizing Pool Motor Problems

Expert pool pump repair in San Diego can take anywhere from one to several days depending on the nature of the problem and whether a pool pump replacement is needed. The first step to determine if a new pump installation is required or if the existing pump can be repaired is a thorough evaluation of the swimming pool pump. When a motor is fully operational it usually functions without making loud annoying noises so when this occurs it may be time for a swimming pool pump repair. Clunking noises or whistling sounds could mean that a motor replacement is needed but at the very least these symptoms require the expert help of Cherry Pool Services your San Diego pool expert.

Repairing Swimming Pool Pumps in San Diego

Cherry Pool Services can quickly and accurately diagnose a problem with a swimming pool pump and make the determination on the best avenue for repair or replacement. Many of the clues to the problem are found in the noise or level of effectiveness of a motor that is still at least partially operational. If the swimming pool pump is still running or at least trying to run it may only require a few small replacement parts and a few hours of labor to have it up and running again. However if there are no signs of life a pump repair may not be possible and the owners may need to prepare for a full motor replacement or even an entire pump replacement.

Expert Pump Installation When You Need it

When a swimming pool motor is completely inoperable and must be replaced there are several pump installation options that fit nearly every budget and need specific to the swimming pool in disrepair. Cherry Pool Services is dedicated to providing all types of preventative maintenance including weekly service to extend the longevity of a pool motor and can also perform a swimming pool pump replacement using durable brands such as Pentair, Sta Rite, Hayward, and Jandy.

The California Title 20 requires every pool circulation pump with more than 3/4 horsepower to be replaced with an energy efficient pump such as a two speed pump or variable speed pump. If there is already a pool equipment controller in place a new high efficiency motor installation can be programmed to work with the existing device.

Going Green with Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Modern green or variable speed swimming pool pumps and energy efficient motors being manufactured today focus on an energy conservation saving money for San Diego homeowners and eliminates excess strain from electricity consumption on the environment.

Many San Diego swimming pools can benefit with the installation of a variable speed pumps which are designed to save energy while circulating your pool or spa. Variable speed pumps allow the water flow to be adjusted according to the need of the pool based on general usage and requirements based on the volume of water.

Whether you want to establish a weekly pool maintenance schedule, have a swimming pool problem addressed, or inquire about new equipment installation services, contact Cherry Pool Services today. Speak with a knowledgeable representative who can answer any questions and set up a personal consultation with a trained professional at a time that fits your schedule.

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