When we called Glenn, our pool heater was not working and we were having family in for Thanksgiving. Glenn came out and was able to fix the heater even though he said it will need to be replaced. We are writing this because a year latter, we had Glenn insatll a new Raypak pool heater and it’s been great. Thanks for your advise and great service.

Piatullo, L | Carlsbad, CA, 92008

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Pool Heater Repairs

Experiencing uncomfortably cool water? Swimming pool heater repair is a speciality service provided by Cherry Pool Services throughout San Diego County. Pool heaters can malfunction for several reasons, and are often able to be repaired rather than replaced. Our experts will evaluate any swimming pool heater repair request and determine if the unit can be repaired rather than replaced. Read more about our San Diego pool heater repairs.

Pool Pump Repairs

When swimming pool pumps are near the end of their lifecycle, they may emit a high pitched whine or may be completely silent because it has stopped working altogether. If the pool pump is trying to start, it may be salvageable with a simple repair or motor replacement. However, if the whole pump needs replacement, it can only be replaced with an energy efficient pump. Title 20 requires every pool circulation pump if more than 3/4 horsepower must be replaced with an energy efficient pump or ‘smart pump’ such as 2 speed pump or variable speed pump. Booster and water feature pumps may still be single speed. Read more about our San Diego pool pump repairs.

Pool Filter repairs

Throughout San Diego County there are many types of swimming pool filters such as D.E pool filters, cartridge pool filters, and sand pool filters. They may be used for different purposes or types of pools, but they all have one thing in common. No pool filter is eternal; they must be properly maintained and eventually repaired or replaced. Cherry Pool Services has expert technicians that can accurately diagnose the pool filter system and determine the best course for repair or replacement. Read more about our San Diego pool filter repairs.

Pool Automation | Controllers

New technologies allow pools and spas or hot tubs to be controlled wirelessly through a remote control or mobile electronic device. Dual pool and spa automation and single swimming pool automation are very convenient and timesaving features, but they are not without fault. Only experienced and licensed professionals should be trusted to evaluate pool controllers and automation systems. Cherry Pool Services has technicians with the knowledge to diagnose a problem and perform the necessary repairs to San Diego pool automation systems. Read more about pool automation and controllers.

Salt Water Pool Repair

Salt water swimming pools continue to become more popular in San Diego with each passing year. They use a salt water generator to produce a naturally sanitizing pool system. With a salt water pool, there can be a unique set of problems that need repair. The salt water chlorinator or the salt cell itself could fail and result in electrical problems or water chemical balance problems. Cherry Pool Services are very equipped to review the system, find the problem, and make the necessary repairs.

New Pool Equipment

Cherry Pool Services offers a complete pool installation service that includes heaters, pumps and filters. Upgrades like pool automation or controllers and salt water pool systems can be installed to improve the use and efficiency of an existing swimming pool system. When owners decide to install energy efficient pool equipment or replacement parts in San Diego County they can end up with an economically and environmentally friendly product. Read more about new pool equipment installation services.

Spa And Hot Tub Repairs

No matter what the problem or concern with your spa or hot tub may be, Cherry Pool Services can make a home visit to evaluate and diagnose the problem. We are able to repair or replace spa parts so that you are quickly able to relax in peace again. If you are experiencing a problem or simply have some general questions about your San Diego hot tub or spa, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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Pool Repairs

Pool Heater Repairs Experiencing uncomfortably cool water? Swimming pool heater repair is a speciality service provided …


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