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Pool Service And Cleaning

Pool cleaning throughout San Diego County should be performed regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria or debris that can damage the pool floor, walls and filter systems. Our weekly pool maintenance service packages include a thorough swimming pool cleaning, in depth chemistry testing and routine general inspection of the pool equipment. This standard pool cleaning service along with our other services will ensure that owners get the most value and enjoyment from their swimming pool.

Pool Algae Cleaning

Unattractive and potentially harmful black algae, green algae and the commonly known “mustard algae” or yellow algae frequently occurs in warmer climates like San Diego. Cherry Pool Services are experts and know how to effectively eliminate algae from swimming pools. The systematic evaluation process involves the consideration of the surrounding landscape, water chemistry and existing pool equipment to diagnose the problem accurately and provide a cost effective solution.

Pool Acid Wash

An acid bath or acid wash for swimming pools is available to remove staining or discoloration on the pool surface. This staining may be the unsightly side effects caused by unbalanced water chemistry, surrounding foliage, fertilizers, or even aging pool equipment. At Cherry Pool Services, we know the acid wash pool cost may be an unexpected expense. We give our customers a fair price and a fast, safe turnaround – every time.

Pool Drain And Restart

Is it time for a pool drain and restart? Well, that depends on the overall water chemistry of your San Diego swimming pool. High phosphate or conditioner levels may be an expensive problem to treat, especially in larger volume swimming pools. These excessively high chemical levels may not always be obvious or apparent to the property owner. For these conditions, the most cost effective treatment program is to perform a swimming pool drain and refill along with the proper water chemical balancing. Cherry Pool Services can check these vital chemical measurements and determine if a drain and restart is necessary.

Pool Filter Cleans

The pool filtration system is responsible for keeping small debris and other particles from contaminating the water. Cleaning the swimming pool filter cartridge or d.e. grids is a vital pool maintenance task. Over time, if a pool filter cleaning is not completed, the pool vacuum will stop working and the filtration system could stop filtering and even become damaged. To avoid an expensive repair and a cloudy pool it is important to keep up with regular filter cleanings.

Pool Inspections and Orientations

Cherry Pool Services can assist new San Diego County homeowners or potential homebuyers by providing a comprehensive swimming pool inspection. We provide a brief overview of the swimming pool inspection process and also review findings with the owner. In addition to the inspection and report, we will also provide a full orientation to help new owners get acquainted with their swimming pools. This may include reviewing the importance of regular maintenance, setting up a maintenance schedule, and evaluating the monthly costs of swimming pool ownership.

Expansion Joint | Deck O Seal

The thin rubbery or plastic material around the swimming pool lining is known as the expansion joint. It serves as a buffer between the pool deck and the actual swimming pool. It also acts as a protection against soil erosion underneath the pool deck. Over time, this material can lose its elasticity from the constant contracting and expanding associated with water refills and temperature changes. Expansion joint removal and replacement is generally replaced about every one to five years. Pool mastic replacement is a relatively easy process and can be performed by the professionals at Cherry Pool Services.

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Pool cleaning throughout San Diego County should be performed regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria or debris that


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